Having a flabby vagina is a common concern that women, at some point in their life tend to face. Of course, a loose vagina is no serious concern; in fact, you might not even know that you actually have one, but, since its drawbacks surround around one’s sexual life, thereby, a problem like this is quite distressing for anyone.



On top of affecting the pleasure you get from intimacy, slack vagina roots insecurities, poor confidence and the feeling of being insufficient and unwanted. Well, in spite of the tolls, the good news is that the problem is a treatable one! Yes, you can get tighter down there- and that too- faster than you could expect!


Loosening of vagina is something natural that is almost inevitable, but thankfully, the problem is reversible. Basically, the vaginal muscles loose as they get weak and stretched out. This weakening and stretching out is sourced by the following events:

  • Multiple pregnancies and vaginal deliveries.
  • Hormonal imbalance and poor production of estrogen.
  • Menopause.
  • Certain health concerns.
  • Normal aging.

Despite being a distressing issue, women feel resistance in discussing and addressing the problem. This is either because of their instinct of keeping things private, or because of the belief that nothing will help them get tighter again. This problem of keeping the matter to themselves and taking no initiative to get it addressed further ads to their troubles as they indirectly allow the problem to affect their mental peace and let their relation suffer! Hence, such a trivial and treatable matter ultimately causes major and serious damage to them.

Well, if you can relate the entire or somewhat situation to yourself, then the good thing is that I am here for your rescue. But first, get this straight that you are not the ONLY sufferer and it’s not just your journey. There are millions like you trying to gather the courage and stand against something that is bothering them for long. Secondly, and more importantly, you should NOT blame yourself. This is a natural consequence of any of the aforementioned causes and hence, is nothing to do with your neglect OR, excessive sex! Believe it or not, the problem hits every single woman at one point or the other in her life. So, relax.


As you search more and more about roomy vaginas and ways to taut them, you will get to know that there are innumerable numbers of procedures claiming to be your support. But the sad part is, only a handful of these vagina tightening methods work and not all you get to read. Many of these methods, in fact, the entire vaginal tightening matter is surrounded by myths which only confuse you- but what are we here for?

We will let you know what and how things can turn in your favor and yield you results you long. Interestingly, we will put forward some tried and tested ways that will directly impact your pelvic floor muscles and produce some major, vagina tightening effects.

But before I list down these techniques, let me tell you that these techniques are purely natural-based, side effects free and yes, budget friendly. These could be in the form of exercises, herbal solution, natural herbs, vag-tightening tools and creams! Now let’s see what best suits your needs!


While we look for solution that can help us with our suffering, we prefer ways that give us quick results. In this quest of getting the matter sorted at the earliest, we often ignore the complications that accompany with shortcuts. Yes, I am talking about surgical procedures which guarantee to give results in a matter of moments. But let’s think practically for once, why go for an invasive procedure that is too costly and escorted with complications when we can resort to some safer, inexpensive and natural ways to get tighter?feel-tighter

I mean, what’s better than a natural route? Yes, it could be a bit time-taking, but if you contemplate the safety element, you will realize that it is worth the pick!

While you decide to prefer natural remedies over surgical procedure, a small consideration will help you go a long way through them. This consideration is consistency. No wonder, consistency will help you recover that tightly compressed vagina you had initially or during your young ages.

Plus, with a natural process, you can add more and more to your results unlike the surgical procedures that have fixed results and a slight

chance of ending up unsuccessful! You can even combine some methods to produce more satisfying effects with the natural counterparts.

All in all, I prioritize natural remedies and recommend the same. I have personally seen women enjoying results through these techniques and living a pleasure-filled sex life, like they once had in the past!


This is perhaps, one of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to a topic like this. Women tend to be eager to learn what has led them to weaker vaginal walls and was it really preventable at the in the first place.

Well, as you reach the last stage of childbearing, that is the labor, your cervical canals tend to expand for the baby to make its way out of the vagina easily. This expanding, is natural of course, but it somehow affects the elasticity of the vaginal muscles, making it ‘stretched out’ or say loose post delivery.

No wonder, the vagina gets back to its per-stretched state after a certain time period, but there is no denying that it may not feel or be as taut as it was earlier.

Every particular woman hits this phase in her life sooner or later, however, these ‘aftermaths’ tend to be more intense for an older woman as age itself, has its set of toll for the woman to deal with.


Time has gone when there were limited options and methods to address a concern, science and research has advanced to an unimaginable level and hence, endowed us with copious of methods to make our way out of the trouble conveniently.

Thankfully, ‘resurrecting’ a vagina is no exception. Researchers, through their investigations and studies have revealed that natural resources and drugs hold the similar potency to turn useful as the advanced medicines- OR surprisingly, produce better results you and I anticipate from contemporary treatment.

Thus, there are many practices you can follow to restore the lost strength of your vagina! By this, we simply mean to resort to natural agents that are promising enough to leave a lifelong impact on your body!


While you will search what role does a good diet plays for the tautness of vagina, you will get to read some mixed opinions.  Few will say that it does have a contribution, others will simply deny to it. Hence, there is no certainty of the balanced diet serving as a helping hand for this purpose. But, as per my opinion, one should adhere to healthy eating whether or not it helps with vaginal firmness.


Remember, practices that yielded results for someone might fail to satisfy you and the ones that turned out to be a complete disappointment for others might please you in your case, thereby, we cannot set a concrete judgment on the basis of other’s experiences.

Balanced eating is a right practice you should follow for a healthy mind and body, regardless of any encouraging or discouraging views.


There are multiple herbs that hold the power to support you with your struggle, but there are few of these which are really extraordinary. One good example here is gooseberries that are a proven agent for the strengthening and narrowing of vaginal walls.

The method to use the fruit is simple- simply boil them to create a paste like substance to apply it over vulva area.

The practice needs to be followed daily- without any gap or inconsistency. In general, this will greatly help with the elasticity, strength and firmness of the vagina- and that too- after the consistent use for months.

On top of the tautness element, the very encouraging benefit of using gooseberries is its ability to sanitize the vagina from any such bacteria that adds to its poor health.

Another useful herb we have in the category is Oak gall, however, if you wish to create something more powerful from Oak gall, consider mixing it with Pueraria Mirifica. No doubt, the combination is quite result-yielding if your preference is more towards suppleness.

Biologically, if we expand our research horizons on these two natural herbs, we will get to know that each of these is a rich of astringent that significantly supports the elasticity of pelvic muscles. And if we specifically talk about the latter, that is Pueraria Mirifica, we will be surprised to know the amazing properties it generally bears. For example, it encompasses the anti-aging and rejuvenating powers which are what makes it quite a demanding agent and a common one in beauty products!

The agent can produce effects that are similar to the effects of estrogen, the hormone our body needs for its healthy functioning, healthy bones and fertility. But on top of all its other ‘womanly- benefits’, the hormone is a great support for the elasticity and tapering of pelvic muscles.

Generally, as we hit thirties or reach our late thirties, our body’s potency to generate healthy amount of estrogen tends to weaken. But with the help of these external, yet natural agents, we can somehow defy this deficiency and make it to a healthy vagina.

Well, there is no denying that these herbs have astonishing vagina tightening effects, but the question is, do have that level of patience or consistency to wait that longer?

Would you like to know some faster ones? If yes, then keep on reading…


The technique has a long history of helping women with vaginal strength, suppleness and tightness. No wonder, these moves can help one keep the vagina in the best healthiest state, imaginable.

The aim of kegel exercises is the pelvic floor muscle- which is what your actual target is. But before discussing the essentials of kegel, let me tell you that it is equally benefiting for the organs connected with PC muscles and not only for the genital muscles.

So, what is kegel all about? Well, it’s about targeting the PC muscle, compressing it for some seconds and then letting it loose. It is a step that needs to be followed repeatedly, for say, 25 times in a row. If you long for observable results, follow the process for 5 times a day.

No wonder, Kegel is simple and demands few minutes in total, yet, regularity is the key to bigger results.

If you choose the kegel way, factors you will appreciate about it is its handy nature- that is, it won’t demand any specific tools, a gym environment or much of your time. It is quite simple and with little efforts, you can make it to a tighter vagina in a matter of months.

The only challenge with Kegel is aiming the actual muscle. However, you can simply locate and identify your PC muscle by noticing the muscle that can halt the passing of urine. This is the muscle your Kegel will blitz on.

No wonder, kegel bears fruit for all the dedicated and committed ones; however, I doubt its effects in the long run. Honestly, it is effective but for lasting effects, or say, to stay tighter throughout, you should continue with it for as long as you can. This means that there will be no end to the practice.

Hence, considering this drawback, I would rather say that this is my second preference. For me, a deal is one that gives me quick results but lasting ones for sure (has to be natural of course)! And as far as natural herbs and kegel are concerned, I believe I am too inconsistent and lazy!


Honestly, I prefer settling on a good vaginal tightening cream that is NATURAL, quick acting and above all, bears long lasting effects. Well, I am not in favor of every other xyz vaginal tightening brand you will come across in the market, but I genuinely believe that a quality and tested brand can do the utmost good to you. v-tight-gel-bottle

One high quality and well-researched formula is of V Tight Gel, a promising, fast acting solution for the suppleness and tautness of vaginal walls. I support this solution for it has profoundly helped unsatisfied women through and through.

The application of V-Tight gel will not only support the tightening of pelvic muscles, but will also strengthen them for you to experience some breathtaking orgasms you always craved for! It will rejuvenate and restore the elasticity your muscles had in your younger years.

There may be other brands with similar qualities and properties, but I bet, none has the competition with V-tight gel. The very encouraging point of a product like this is its side effects friendly nature that ensures no harm will be ever caused to such a delicate area of your body.

Hence, there isn’t a need to try any untested vagina tightening cream when you can resort to the best! This is my top preferred technique and the one I have tried and benefited from personally.

While making a purchase, simply take a route to the e-commerce website of V-tight gel to avoid fraudulent product or the risks of paying heavy for such a budget friendly brand.

So, are you ready for a pleasure-filled, steamy intimacy? If not, then better be!


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